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INFO: Burglary Prevention - Door Security Products

There is an inherent weakness in all traditional inward opening timber doors.

The Kickstop range was devised by a family firm of locksmiths and security retailers in East London.  Concerned about the growing trend for burglars to simply kick in a front or back door, they were all too aware that a door will split open along the grain much more easily after the door had been weakened as a result of morticing and lock fitting.

The strength or a good quality mortice lock is not in question but please remember, it's the door and frame that would split open and fail during a forced entry.

The main areas of weakness on an inward opening door are:

The door - around the mortice deadlock or sashlock.

The frame - around the mortice lock striking plate.

The frame and door - around the hinge.

The rim lock staple itself.

Kickstop has developed products to deal with these security issues.

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